The Proper Way of Caring for Trees

If you live in your own property, then the only concerns you have about growing trees are the ones imposed upon by your city or county. However, if you live in a place that’s governed by a homeowners’ association, then there are strict rules that you have to comply with.  

Rare is the number of homeowners’ associations that allows tenants to grow trees. But if you’re lucky enough to be allowed to grow one, then you have to make sure that your tree is well cared for and maintained or you’re at the risk of getting it removed. Here are some tips that you should follow to ensure that your tree is always in compliance.  

1. Don’t make the tree a nuisance.  

The last thing that you want your tree to become is a nuisance. Once your neighbors are complaining about your tree, then that’s the time that it has to go. After all, your neighbors have the right to ask you to remove all overhanging branches and destroy invasive roots.  

So instead of waiting for your neighbor’s complaints, you have to perform the necessary maintenance on your trees. Cut the branches that are overhanging from your property so that your neighbor won’t complain about fallen leaves.  

2. Anticipate the problem.  

Homeowners associations will definitely have guidelines about trees if and when they’ll allow you to keep one on your property. Know these guidelines and abide by them. Otherwise, you’ll trigger a meeting of the board just for them to decide on the fate of your tree.  

Essentially, you have to make sure that your tree is not damaging any property and that it is in pink of health at all times. There should also be enough drainage around your tree and that it gets enough water. All of these are reasons why you must have a tree service provider around to care for your trees.  

3. Keep your tree from being a liability.  

Trees can become a liability once they put the safety of people and property in jeopardy. If your tree is leaning dangerously, then it has to be removed. If it is touching the power lines, then you have to cut the branches until it has cleared the lines.  

Some neighbors may complain about a tree that’s blocking their view of the outside. This is yet another liability issue that you have to address. Some will complain that your tree is keeping the sun out, which leaves their garden unhealthy. These problems have to be addressed as soon as possible to prevent neighbor conflicts.  

4. Overplanting  

There’s such thing as planting too many trees in your yard. If there’s an issue with that, then you have no other recourse but to comply. Too many trees in your backyard would make it look like a forest instead of a well-manicured lawn. If your trees are becoming such an eyesore, then you may have to remove some of them. Doing so also simplifies the upkeep and maintenance that your yard requires. You can seek the help of tree service Euless TX for that.